1. Staged homes make a property "move in ready" and they are easier to market and sell. Check out the statistics for proof...

  2. No list price reduction = a higher commission. Period.

  3. Hosking Interiors' staged homes sell faster...and a faster sale means more time in your schedule to list more properties.

  4. Your relationship with the client is based on trust, don'€™t jeopardize it with your €œstaging feedback€ that can be misinterpreted as:
    a) a lack of confidence in the value of their property, or;
    b) €œjudgment€ about their decor or lifestyle.
    Let me handle it, I EXCEL at helping the client understand what needs to change, and why.

  5. Statistically, professionally staged homes sell for closer to list price. 

  6. Todays sellers increasingly seek out Realtors who use professional Stagers (at least that's what my private seller clients tell me as they are searching for a Realtor to represent them).

  7. Sellers see you as forward thinking by supporting or offering one of the most current and successful marketing strategies in our industry. 

  8. Your listing looks like the best quality and value compared to the comps. See for yourself...

  9. It takes pressure off you to be the "€œexpert"€ in staging design, and allows you focus on your top priority -€“ listing homes and finding buyers.

  10. I will treat your client with respect, diplomacy and help guide them through the emotional process of "mentally moving out" of their property; this shift in perspective is critical to getting them on board to make the right changes. 

  11. BONUS REASON: if you hire the right one, a professional Stager can make you look like a hero, and happy sellers love to make referrals.

There are more reasons, but time is money -€“ so contact us today to find out how we can help you market a better product.