Staging for Realtors

"€œHome Staging is no longer an option. It makes a difference of a house selling or not. Homeowners do the heavy work of upgrading kitchens and baths but Home Staging makes the biggest difference on first impressions. People walk in and feel like 'I want to live here. It feels like I could see myself living here'."

- Real Estate guru, Barbara Corcoran


Offering staging services or access to a professional stager on your marketing team can help strengthen your professional credibility with your sellers, as well as help you gain and retain listings. Staged homes simply look and feel like the better value, thereby reducing your marketing time and expenses. That means higher commissions and increased profitability and client satisfaction/referrals. At least that'€™s what the agents we work with tell us.

Collaborating with Hosking Interiors allows the Agent to focus on what they do best -€“ list and market properties. We know how to take an occupied home, and transform it into a product you will be proud to represent.


As an experienced Realtor®, you may currently be providing your seller with general advice about the importance of de-cluttering, cleaning and painting the house. Although this type of advice is helpful, some seller€™s can become very defensive and perceive your €œhelpful tips€ as unwelcome judgment about their current lifestyle, decor and housekeeping choices. Also, some homes NEED more than just cleaning and decluttering. We will convey this feedback with respect and diplomacy to your seller in specific, non-judgmental terms. Our specialty is getting your seller on-board to make the necessary changes that will help them get every dollar of equity out of their home in the shortest timeframe possible. No internet checklist, You-Tube video or HGTV program will do what we can do for your client -€“ give them personalized, compassionate feedback and reasoning for what they specifically need to do to prepare their home for sale.


Every partnership we forge ensures:

  • Fixed consultation and staging pricing
  • Priority scheduling for our established Realtor® partners
  • Exceptional professionalism, 10+ years of experience, diplomacy, personal attention, follow-up and availability
  • Professional certification, fully insured