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Real Estate Staging | Salem NH
3-Season Porch | Salem NH

This lovely Salem, NH home received an offer after only 3 days on the market.  An amenity like this 3-season porch is a bonus space for buyers, and staging it allowed the buyers to "picture" themselves enjoying it.  Freshening up cushions, window treatments, and adding just the right color and decor was key to making this good-weather entertaining space feel comfortable, and look beautiful. $67.00 worth of staging props, was all it took to make this space show at it's best overall potential.

Real Estate Staging | Raymond NH
Master Bedroom | Raymond NH

This home received 3 offers within three days on the market. The sellers were savvy staging clients, and understood their master bedroom would be a priority room to their buyer.  New, gender neutral bedding and decor was purchased in an effort to have both male and female buyers relate to it, and feel comfortable that it could be "their" bedroom, not the current owners.  New bedding is something you can take to your next residence, so updating it before you sell is a good investment for better photos and showings.  

Real Estate Staging | Atkinson NH
Master Bedroom | Atkinson NH

Master Bedrooms need to be picture perfect when selling in any price range, but it is especially important if the room is large, and the price point of the house is in the upper end. Buyers must "feel" and see the serenity of their next potential bedroom in order to pay top dollar for it.

Real Estate Staging | Atkinson NH
Family Room | Atkinson NH

Family Room's are closely scrutinized by home buyers, so editing large furniture pieces, too personal art and collections, and adding simple but beautiful decor, helped these sellers get an offer after only 2 days on the market.

Real Estate Staging | Salem NH
Kitchen | Salem NH

Editing countertops and ensuring the staged decor did not outshine the amenities of this kitchen, was the challenge in this lovely kitchen.

Real Estate Staging | Andover MA
Dining Room | Andover MA

No matter what the price of a home, the Dining Room is always important to a buyer - this room needed the addition of a table, chairs and artwork to show a buyer that regardless of the number of people they entertain, there will be room for everyone.   

Real Estate Staging | Sandown NH
Master Bath | Sandown NH

Decorative tile is a personal choice in a bath. Making the black and white tile more buyer friendly by adding spa-like accessories, was key to helping the buyer see how it could work with their decor preferences.