2013 Trends - Be Inspired

At the start of a new year, many of us think about what new changes we want to make in our homes. We're influenced by what we see on the runway, in stores, and by what the industry icons predict will be the hot trends.  The "trend" predictions for 2013 have been published, and some of the hot decor items expected to march into our subconscious will be antique brass, geometric patterns, faux aquatic fabrics, "weathered" countertops, and "on demand printing."  Topping the list of on-trend colors are Emerald (says Pantone), Aloe (says Sherwin Williams), and Lemon Sorbet (as deemed by Benjamin Moore).

I feel a little anxious right before the new colors and trends are revealed (I hate to liken it to a dental waiting room, but I will).  Some years, helping an insistent client incorporate a color that has no relevance to their existing color or style choices, can be, well, difficult. Some designers use the trends as a jumping off point for this year’s projects, and some of us respond with, "Oh, ok, it's a lush green, hmmmmm, what can I do with that, and should I?"  Who do you trust when it comes to the next round of "it" colors and decor?

The answer is YOU; trust YOU, and what YOU like, love, and feel you want to see incorporated into your home.  Don't get me wrong, I love trends, I love considering something new, out of the box, and the flood of new information my brain gets to process.  What I don't like, is feeling as though I have to incorporate it exactly the way it is presented to me in magazines, stores, on TV, or in Blogs (!).  Trends are great for gaining inspiration and for making us think about other options, options we might not have considered had we not been made annually aware of the many alternatives.

Emerald, Aloe and Lemon Sorbet, will undoubtedly show up somewhere in my home this year (I think it's a secret societal requirement for a designer to test the trends in our own laboratories, a.k.a., homes), but they will likely play a minor role versus a major one.  I'm thinking a vase, with a Lemon Sorbet and Aloe geometric pattern, filled with branches from my yard.  I’ll wear my teensy-tiny emerald earrings while I harvest the branches...unless I see a great throw or pillow in emerald that I just have to have.


                                Emerald Green & Antique Brass (source: Elle Decoration)

Oh, and for those still waiting for a quick explanation of "on-demand" printing, do a web search or start with a visit to Spoonflower.com or Fabricondemand.com to see examples of how you can use this particular “trend” to express your personal style.   Fabric or wall coverings are manufactured based on art you supply or create, and you then upload it via a digital file.  It’s a “trend” I am completely on board for (and an idea that is as old as the hills).  I recommended it recently to a client who was struggling with what to do with the mountains of artwork created by her three children.  My client loved the idea of having the kids select a special art piece, photo copy it, have a yard of fabric created, and then make accent pillows for their beds.  It won’t break the budget, either, a yard of fabric starts at around $16.00/yard.  Trendy?  Yes, but that’s the positive thing about trends, they can help jar our memory or unearth completely new ideas that help us define or express our style, at least, for this year.








 Source: Spoonflower.com