Home Seller FAQ

Q. My realtor has already told me what needs to get done, why do I need a Stager?

A. With all due respect to our Realtor partners and colleagues, our FULL-TIME goal is to assess each and every space in a property and recommend creative, design-specific techniques to accentuate the best features of your home as well as direct attention away from less desirable elements. We are certified in not only real estate staging, but also interior decorating and interior redesign -€“ we know how to create that "€œmodel home"€ look that will attract the specific buyer who will likely purchase your home. While we help you prepare your home for sale, your Agent can concentrate on their #1 priority, marketing your home and finding buyers.


Q. I'€™m trying to move, NOT spend more money on this house. Why is staging worth my time and investment?

 A. The value and quality of your home must be equal to or exceed the perceived expectations of today'€™s buyer -€“ and in order for it to get an offer, it must show better than your competition.  Your house is now a product, an investment you are trying to sell to the highest bidder. Staging is a marketing strategy you employ to protect your list price and equity, and increase your chances of selling sooner, rather than later. Unless you are selling your property "€œas is,"€ your property will benefit from professional staging advice and service.

According to the *2011 NAR survey, every $100.00 spent on staging your home provides an ROI of 399%  (i.e., every $100.00 spent on staging your home can garner you a return of $399.00). Staging should be part of the overall marketing costs of preparing your home for sale. Statistically, staging is a proven strategy for selling a property faster and for closer to list price. *2011 NAR (National Association of Realtors) 


Q. What if I want to stage the house myself after having a staging consultation?

 A. Our staging consultation will include specific things you can do to prepare your home for the market. There are many cosmetic enhancements we can recommend that homeowners can do on their own to get their home cleaned, de-cluttered, updated, organized and painted, if necessary. If your budget only allows for a staging consultation, and you implement my suggestions, it will help your property show better.  However, no list we create during a consultation will be able to describe in minute detail, the hundreds of details involved in staging a whole home.

Like any other professionally trained tradesperson you hire, you hire them because you are not the expert in that field, and rely on them to manage your project and deliver results.  Plainly speaking, "€œtelling"€ you will never be as effective as "€œshowing"€ you how every space or surface should look.  Staging is an art as much as it is a science, and "€œstyling"€ a home to ensure it photographs beautifully and possesses the universal qualities that are proven to appeal to the buyers in your specific price range, is our full-time, 150% of the time, job.  We can'€™t "€œteach"€ you how to do it in a 2-hour consultation.

 Q. I have more questions!

A. Then please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we might help guide or manage your staging project.