Picture Perfect: Hanging Artwork

There'€™s nothing like a freshly painted room, and the fun (although some of you may argue the use of the word "€œfun"€) of redecorating a room. Re-hanging your art and photography can be made a little less intimidating through planning, and more importantly, choosing the right art for the right wall space.

The Process

  • Ensure all of the furniture and lighting is in it'€™s final location in the new space plan; do not hang a single piece of art until this is determined. Art should always be hung in relation to what is directly in front of it.
  • Collect pieces you love that relate to the rooms'€™ decor; be choosy.
  • Start with the focal point wall, and the piece you want to be the "€œstar"€ in the room (usually this is a piece of art over the mantle, or on another choice focal wall).
  • Move on to the secondary walls - analyze what is in front of them and hang the piece/grouping in relation to it.
  • Not every section of wall needs to be "€œfilled€" - leave a place for the eye to rest as it travels around the room.

General Tips for Planning

  • If you plan to hang a decorative mirror as art, make sure it is hung where it can reflect something beautiful.
  • Light it properly - you can'€™t enjoy art if you can'€™t see it!
  • Hang art at eye level or just above eye level. (Different "€œeye levels"€ in the family? Use 60"€ from the floor to the center of the piece of art as a guide to how high the art should be hung.)
  • Use vertical arrangements for cathedral ceiling rooms and narrow strips of wall.
  • When in doubt, follow the angles of the room/ceiling.
  • Small pictures almost always need to be hung lower.
  • The bolder the art, the more room it needs to "€œbreathe."€
  • Wall shelves offer maximum flexibility - you can change out your displays with out worrying about nail holes or touching up paint.
  • Bear in mind the paint color/pattern of the wall - does it clash with the art you selected?
  • Hang art with a friend - it'€™s easier!

A little planning and patience will help guarantee successful art placement and bring new life to your room.